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The Catsuit


The Golden Ratio Catsuit


Unique spiral pattern design

Soft Jersey

Hand Tagged by ROV

Statement piece by itself or accesorized

Pair it with our City Camo Obi Belt or The Bulletproof Vest

60%Cotton 40%Elastan

The City Camo Obi Belt


Wide traditional Japanese belt with a fresh look


Camo brocade (polyamide 60%, 40% Cotton)

Interior Lining 100% Cotton

Amazingly Paired with our X Dress, The Golden Ratio Catsuit or the Infinity Dress

Care Guide

Spalați la mașina de spălat, max. Temp. 30 C

Puteți usca prin centrifugare

Puteți călca cu fierul de călcat

Nu folosiți înalbitor

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Catsuit - 360 Lei
City Camo Belt - 199 Lei
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